"Zuza's voice is simply beautiful, I was mesmerized when I heard her voice almost like brainwashing, it instantly got me in a

positive mood! (..)"

- Reverb Nation, Crowd Review

Zuza is a singer, songwriter and a vocal coach currently living in the south of France. She's been traveling and living abroad for over 10 years now. She's lived in the USA, Finland, Italy, Greece, Poland and France. She sings, laughs and dreams in Polish, English and French.

"I have had a chance to learn some things about all of those cultures, and it inspired me a lot! I mean, as an artist, of course, but most of all as a human being (...) I feel that I have a story to tell" 

“This gal has a beautiful

voice. (...) The lyrics are very, very good. She could go a long way with this. I would think it could be part of a record album or soundtrack.

It is very well written.”

- Reverb Nation, Crowd Review

//  Origin:  Warsaw, POLAND
//  Genres:  Folk/Pop/Jazz
//  Current Location: Montpellier, FRANCE
//  Label:  Unsigned